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Title Hazrat Ali(a.s)Quran ke Aaine me
Author hujjatul islam Muhammad Hasan shafai shahrudi
Translated By Maulana Syed Shahid Jamal Rizvi
Publisher Moassis Meras Nobovat, qom iran
Topic Imam Ali(a.s) in quran kareem
Language Urdu
Pages 116
About Book Mauzuaat-e-Al-Ghadeer is an important and valuable work of the present time. The 32 Volume of Book covering 27 Topics related to Ghadeer. People knows that Al-Ghadir is an encyclopedia in which Allama Amini has discussed on various topics, a common reader cannot make use of these topics during his study. so it was necessary to make all these topics into a book So that even an ordinary reader can make better use of these topics. One of the most important topics for him is Rasool-e-Aazam Vol. 1.
About Author The real author of these topics is Allama Abdul Hussain Amini(r.a) who has worked hard for years in compiling Al-Ghadir. But Hujjat-ul-Islam Aqa Shafi'i Shahrudi has also worked hard to get this great book out of the confines of library. He extracted the content of each and every topic from different volumes and put it in one place and then done research on it. This book has been translated into Urdu by Maulana Syed Shahid Jamal Rizvi.
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