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hahid Jamal

Syed Shahid Jamal is a Shia Scholar, writer, orator, poet and preacher. He has written numerous books on the various important topics related to Islam. He has translated many Persian and Arabic books into Urdu. Apart from topics like Quran and Hadees, Behaviors and Character, Ghadeer and Governance (Wilayat) etc. He has written more than a hundred articles on innumerable Islamic topics. Preaching of Islam has been his inseparable interest. He travelled to various cities in India to preach the same in Religious gatherings, seminar and programs. He is the founder of Shaoor e Wilayat Foundation and his most prominent works has been the continuous translation of Allama Amini's very valuable 33 volume book which is apparently worth mentioning.

A few of his writings are as under:

Naseem o Wilayat (A collections of verses of Wilayat for youth) – Published by: Wilayat Foundation, Delhi
Farogh e Ghadeer (A collection of 30 Subjects related to Ghadeer) – Published by: Wilayat Foundation, Lucknow
Maya-naaz Sahabi – Hajr bin Adi - Published by: Quran o Itrat Foundation, Mumbai
Ashk Shahadat
Qutba e Fidaq
Maazi k Jharokon se

Some of his respected teachers

Respected Maulana Shamim Al Hasan Rizvi
Respected Maulana Aaqaai Muhammad Taqi Mujtahdi
Respected Maulana Aaqai Yusufi
Respected Maulana Aaqai Shaban Daadashi
Respected Maulana Aaqai Haji Ali Lalani
Respected Maulana Aaqai Nourozi
Respected Maulana Aaqai Jawaad Mahdasi



He was born in town Gopalpur in India on June 7th, 1983. He was named Syed Shabab Haider Rizvi. Later, Syed Shahid Jamal Rizvi was chosen as his pen name. His father was also a renowned Shia Scholar, Maulana Syed Ali Aktar Rizvi whose personality does not need an introduction to the people belonging to the Urdu, Persian-Arabic translation fraternity.


His primary education was done Madarsa e Nasirul Iman in Gopalpur, post which he was admitted in Mohammad Saleh Inter College for Western Education till standard 9th. After which he was admitted to Jamiul uloom Jawwadiya Arabic College in Varanasi where his religious education commenced. In 2004, he took his last examination in Madarsa e Jawwadiya and cleared it with flying colors and got the certificate of Praise (Fakhrullah Fazil).


In 2004, his application for admission was accepted in Iran's Examination. One year later he went to the Qom, Iran and continued his Religious Education there in Hauza e Ilmiya. In this city he passed the initial standard classes and then he wrote a thesis in his research for which he secured full 20 marks. After clearing the examination, to attain the title of IJTIHAAD he attended the seminars related to philosophy, principles and wisdom, which by the grace of Almighty is still continuing.


From the very beginning of his student life till now, he has written plenty of articles and numerous books. His articles have been published by different famous newspapers and magazines in India and are still being published at various intervals by Islah (Lucknow), Al-Jawwad (Varanasi), Al-Waiz (Lucknow), Raah e Islam (Delhi), Awadh Nama (Lucknow), Sahafat (Lucknow) to name a few. He has penned down more than 70 books so far and due to the utility of the content, he has been facilitated by numerous organizations in India and Iran.