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Woman is Part of humanity, man is the Interpreting one part of humanity While woman is playing other. Ignoring woman on any program Or activities for mankind will be flawed and incomplete. We Can't imagine a society consisting of single men and in which no woman is needed, both are equally in need of each other, neither woman is deprived of man nor man is deprived of woman.

In view of this basic need, the Islamic view and attitude towards women and their human rights is very different from the views of other religions of the world. Islam has laid the foundation of social life on the relationship between men and women In the eyes of Islam, a good society cannot be established without men and its development is not possible without women. Both have equal status in respect and law.

That is why Islam has laid down rules for women whereas it has laid down rules for men. In addition to other fields, it has also laid down specific rules and issues for women in jurisprudential books so that they too can follow these rules. Get closer to God, just as a man gets closer to God by working on his specific problems.

Despite Islam's sensitivity to women's issues, there are very few sources of awareness of their specific issues in this advanced age even less use of means of educating children or providing guidance on their own specific lives. However, they have every right to use the advanced resources of the present age.

Sensing the same need, Shaoore Wilayat Foundation has set up a special section for the women in this website so that they can get full information about their problems and situations. The special sections that have been set up in this section are:

1: Articles
2: Books
3: Rules and issues (general issues, special issues, pregnancy etc.)
4: Pictures
5: Question and answer

It should be kept in mind that some women from Hauza Ilmilya, Qom are looking after this department, so women can find out their problems without hesitation and satisfaction.


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