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Dear children!
Thank you very much that you took your time from busy schedule and opened this site so that you can see your favorite things in it. We know that you have done your homework and today is a day off. You are free now, you have no work to do and you are trying to do good things about your religion. Read lovely and good stories, watch beautiful pictures and increase your knowledge by looking good videos of your society and religion ... Along with this, you want to know good things about your God, beloved prophet and your beloved Imams, read their hadiths, and stay away from the things they have forbidden and provide the work that God has And Prophet and our Imams are happy.

If you want this and definitely this is what you want, then you have selected the right site, in this site you will find everything that your heart is restless to see and read.

Hey See this, I forgot to tell you one thing among the things.That is that we have worked very hard to make this page for you, some people sat, they thought about you What do you like, then he wrote a little fun for you, wrote good and heartfelt stories, made beautiful pictures, prepared some religious games, wrote the life of the Imams for you in the style of the story and arranged the details of it by arranging their lovely things so that you can follow them and make your life better.

Dear children! We hope that you will remember these people in your prayers who have worked very hard to write down the things written for you below

Article related to upbringing
Games and painting
Questions and answers related to upbringing

Note: It is a pleasant feeling to have an article related to upbringing from parent’s department, this department has included many articles for the poor behavior of children so that they can read and make good progress on the upbringing of their children. If you are still confused then get knowledge from the Department of Questions and Answers.


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