Ayyame Fatmiya

Prophet Muhammad (S) was the last apostle sent by Allah to communicate to mankind Allah’s Divine code (i.e. Islam). Because this code was a comprehensive one, it also dealt with the needs of women throughout history, and assigned a perfect example for them to prove beyond doubt that what Islam preaches is practical, and if properly followed, leads to everlasting felicity. This example set by Islam to women was manifested in the person of Lady Fatima az-Zahra (sa), daughter of Allah's Messenger.

Lady Fatima az-Zahra(PBUH) is a role model for all Muslim women. She had the best of the best personality characteristics which she largely acquired from her Father, like courage, patience, willpower, and above all complete faith on Almighty Allah. We should follow her lifestyle in our daily life and also in all types of matters of our life.

In Order to this, we Created a Section Dedicated to the Complete life of Lady fatima Zahra and Created a Resourcefull 4 Tab i.e