Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit our website.We have created this website to enlighten the people about "Ghadeer" and "Wilayat(Guardianship)" Beacuse Ghadeer and Wilayat is the basis of our culture and beliefs. It is Aorta of our culture. We are living with it and will die for it. Its head spring matches with Quranic verses.The Prophet Mohammad(s.a) has continuously nurtured it for thirty-year. In view of the importance and dignity of Ghadeer and wilayat(Guardianship) the Apostle(s.a) gave special orders to preach it to comming generations.so we must spread ghadeer and wilayat in all corners of this world.

Goals and Objectives of Sh'aoor-E-Wilayat foundation:

  • Translation, Compilation, Research and Publication of Important Books related to Ghadeer and Wilayat
  • Preparing articles & papers related to Ghadeer and Wilayat
  • Organizing essay writing competitions on Ghadeer and Wilayat, On the occasion of Ghadeer, Organizing one month short Course every year
  • Giving satisfactory answers to the difficult Questions related to Ghadeer and Wilayat
  • Telling people about the dificulties on the path of Ghadeer and giving them its solution
  • Creating a sophisticated Library with Religious books giving more and more emphases on books related to Ghadeer & Wilayat
  • Publication of Knowledge and Teachings of Masomeen(a.s)
  • Proper explanation of Islamic studies and its publication
  • Books Editing & writing in simple Language for Youth, Publication of literature on historical events
  • Proper defence of shia beliefs and holding meeting on this topic in every three months
Friday, December 09, 2016
(AHADEES) آحادیث
اسلام کا رکنِ واقعی
عن ابی جعفرعلیہ السلام قال : بنی الاسلام علی خمس : علی الصلاة والزکاة والصوم والحج والولایة ولم یناد بشیء کما نودی بالولایة فاخذ الناس باربع و ترکوا ھذہ یعنی الولایة
امام صادق فرماتے ہیں: ''اسلام کی بنیاد پانچ چیزوں پر رکھی گئی ہے : نماز ، زکات ، روزہ ، حج اور ولایت ؛اور جس طرح ولایت کی دعوت دی گئی ہے کسی دوسری چیز کی دعوت نہیں دی گئی لیکن لوگوں نے چار پر عمل کیا اور ولایت کو چھوڑ دیا''۔
کافی ، کلینی ج٢ ص ١٨